Local officials spread awareness on active shooting safety


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO)—Multiple shootings have taken place nationwide this past week, and as they continue to occur it brings up the question of how prepared the Rio Grande Valley is.

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According to Brownsville’s public information officer Martin Sandoval, their civilian response to active shooter events (CRASE) training is free and available for the public.

The training was made available after the Walmart shooting that occurred in El Paso, Texas two years ago.

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Sandoval expressed that the purpose of the CRASE training is to help educate and prepare businesses on what to do in case of an active shooting scenario. 

While surviving is a top priority during an active shooting, Sandoval said there are three actions that are encouraged depending on one’s situation.

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“Run if something happens and you have a safe escape route if by any chance you cannot exit safely you find a location to hide, and when all else fails and the intruder is right in front of you we prefer for the person to defend themselves to fight,” he said.

According to Sandoval, it is common for people to freeze during the moment of a shooting incident because the majority of the time people do not practice drills.

He said businesses need to incorporate drills into the work routine instead of just talking about the active shooting with employees. 

For further information, it is encouraged to reach out to the Brownsville Police department with the number 956-548-7121.

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