MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For the last three years, Your Sweets by Kacy has seen lots of customers coming through its doors in any given day, looking to find something sweet.

Owner Kezia Del la Garza said she has always had a passion for baking treats.

My mom was a baker, well she wasn’t a baker she baked at home, and I took some of her recipes that she kind of adapted and from there we just kind of played with it we’re like hey this recipe what if we tried adding this or doing this to it.”

The business first started when De La Garza baked some of her mom’s recipes from home and shared them on social media. That’s when she started getting order requests from her followers.

But since opening the shop, Del La Garza still has a big presence on social media to serve more customers.

“We’re really excited we’re really happy that Mission came out for us when we opened up Mission is defiantly one of our biggest supporters here,” De la Garza said. ” And thankfully we have had people from Laredo, we’ve had people from Weslaco, from Harlingen come over here to the shop which is still amazing to me that they make the drive to come try our stuff they see on social media.”

However, De La Garza doesn’t do it alone, her sister Janelle manages all of their social media platforms, she says it still plays a key role in their business.

“I think everybody is on their phones, so yeah, we are still new, and we get people that are walk-ins, but the majority of the people that we get saw our page so it’s important to me I think to be putting out the best pictures and the best videos,” Janelle said.

While Sweets by Kacy has plans to open more shops in the future, they’re just glad for all of the community support.

“Like all these people that come whether it’s sharing us on social media or following us or even coming to the shop. It’s honestly a blessing because we wouldn’t be here with out them,” De la Garza said.