A group of young activists protested at the office of Senator Eddie Lucio on Tuesday night. They said they want to hold him accountable for his history and voting.

“We are protesting Senator Lucio’s policy record, Senator Lucio’s career as a Senator for District 27, and we know there is a primary election coming up and he’s being challenged for the first time since the 1990’s so we want to show that one, we don’t agree with the way Lucio has been representing us, and two, that we haven’t been unaware of what he’s been doing and we’re here to hold him accountable and remind him this isn’t going to be the last time he gets challenged,” said Ofelia Alonso, Field Coordinator for the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso.

Alonzo said they don’t agree with Lucio’s voting as he’s run and won as a Democrat but he’s consistently broken party lines to support the Republican party in the state of Texas and he’s been “pretty terrible” on LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights.

The primary for the state of Texas will take place on March 3.