World Vegan Day: Local restaurant provides plant-based nutrition

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MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — As many people celebrate the Day of the Dead on Nov. 1, some will also be celebrating World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day was started in England by an animal activist and is now observed across the world, according to Prasad Food’s plant-based chef, Arturo Flores.

“World Vegan Day started in 1994, so here we are 2021 still celebrating the holiday,” said Flores.

He explained people observe the day for several reasons and they choose to celebrate daily for health.

“What it means for us is we’re doing it more for our health and for the health of the planet,” he said.

The owner of Prasad Foods in McAllen, Lupita Salazar, is also a nutritionist that consults with clients at the restaurant.

“I consult with an appointment and base it on three things, their age, their symptoms, and their recent clinical analysis,” said Salazar.

She said eating vegan food is a lifestyle and she has seen improvements in her client’s health through plant-based nutrition and exercise.

“I believe we’re the only vegan restaurant in the valley that makes our own cheeses, milk, dressings, meats, and we serve vegan Mexican food,” said Salazar.

Salazar’s house-made vegan nacho cheese allowed them to win a 2021 McAllen Chamber of Commerce Innovation Grant and it is one of her client’s favorite items, according to Salazar.

She said she is happy to provide the food and nutrition consultations and decided to dedicate herself to the business after healing herself from fibromyalgia through a plant-based lifestyle.

“When I learned how to use nutrition to heal my body, in eight months, the sickness was gone,” she said.

Salazar said there has been a recent interest in veganism.

“Right now during the pandemic veganism has increased by 276%, because people understood the most important and valuable thing is our health. Without our health, we have nothing,” said Salazar.

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