WORKING FOR YOU: Internet company disconnects services, instead of fixing problem

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DONNA, TX-  An Internet company not keeping their promise to one of its customers.

Dr. Subram Gopal Krishnan hasn’t been able to do simple tasks we all  take for granted with a click of button.

“I have not had internet since March,” said Dr. Krishnan.

 Internet one of the most essential services during the pandemic.

“To pay your bill, to call anybody, everything and anything is online and we are completely paralyzed,” said Dr.  

Paralyzed with slow Internet speeds, “we have had to go out where there is free internet available,” said Dr. Krishnan.   

He was promised by Sinlar Wireless to connect him with speeds up to 30 mega bites per-second, enough to play a video on YouTube but according to him that was never the case.

“I was getting buffered and I was hardly ever to log on,” said Dr. Krishnan.  

After multiple complaints and several technicians coming over to Dr.Krishnans home nothing was fixed, even when his neighbor just a few feet away had better connection than him. 

“The tower is right in front of us and I can see it out this window looking out,” said Dr. Krishnans.  

Instead of Sinlar solving the issue, they just simply disconnected his services.Filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The Sinlar address was incorrect on their home website – after CBS4 called they clarified they moved a month ago and haven’t update since.  

Dolores Salinas with the BBB says consumers should verify the business before following up with their services.

“Make sure the company you are dealing with is one that can provide service to your area. Understand all the terms and conditions of the services that you are going to be offered. If you are looking for a specific speed, ask specifically if it is going to be able to be delivered to you at your location,” said Salinas.

Location was part of Dr.Krishnans problem, Sinlar was one of the only companies that could provide internet.

CBS4 contacted Spectrum to see if this area would be serviced in the near future.

They responded saying a project in that community would soon be completed and residents could soon connect to their services.

Dr.Krishnan says he wants smaller local companies to be transparent and forth-coming with their information.

If you have a concern you want to make CBS4 aware about, click “Working for you” and complete the form.

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