HARLINGEN, Texas — Jose Rojas has had a Blue Wave Car Wash membership for years and washed his truck almost daily.

That all changed on June 2 when his car was damaged while going inside the car wash and Blue Wave refused to pay for his damages.

 “All this right here, all this wasn’t there,” said Jose Rojas, as he showed the dents and scrapped paint on his vehicle.

Infront of Rojas was a pest control van.

As that van moved forward into the car wash, the back doors of the van opened.

This released a 20-foot hose, damaging Rojas’ truck and no one wanted to take responsibility.

“When I got out of the vehicle and checked it the dents where there lucky the thing didn’t go any higher or it would have broken all my windows,” said Rojas.

Rojas filed an incident report with Blue Wave the date of the accident, but nothing was done.

“They wanted to get my insurance involved, I said my insurance has nothing to do with you, it’s between you and pest control and Blue Wave,” said Rojas.  

Three weeks after the incident, Blue Wave sent him to get an estimate on the damages to his vehicle totaling $1,364.

According to Rojas, even with an estimate to damages to his car, Blue Wave still refused to pay.

Question: “They did give you an estimate, but now they are saying they are not going to pay that?”

Answer: “They are not liable because, the pest control is liable now,” said Rojas.

CBS4 called the area manager in charge of the South Texas region, and said he had to look into the incident because he had no recalled it.

The following day after several attempts to contact the manager, he called me back agreeing to pay the damages, “I talked to him yesterday, I’m taking full responsibility and I think he dropped off his car this morning,” said Rick Fuentes, Blue Wave South Texas Region Manager.

Rojas has since canceled his Blue Wave membership and wants to warn drivers to pay attention to surrounding vehicles.

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