HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – A woman, whose dying wish was to find a home for her animals, died of cancer the same day she found out an animal rescue would help.

Animal rescue teams are working together to find homes for animals left by a woman who passed earlier this week.

The Franklin All Animal Rescue Team (FAART), a Palmhurst animal rescue, took the lead after being contacted by one of the caretakers of Mercedes resident, Gretchen Frummess, 60, who was in hospice with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Frummess was described as a sweet, upbeat woman. She cared for many animals, as she had no family. Adriana Reyna and two of Frumesses neighbors, Andrea and Barbra, helped care for her until she passed on July 11.

Credit :The Franklin All Animal Rescue Team

Reyna had confidence that FAART would be able to help with the sulfurous animals that would need new homes. Over 30 cats, several donkeys, a mule, a pony, and horses needed to be rehomed.

FAART Director, Jesus Meave partnered with other rescues around the U.S. to relocate the cats.

Healing Broken Hearts Rescue from New Orleans, Louisiana helped take in 18 cats from Frummess’ home.

Once Meave secured rescues for all the cats, he let Reyna know and she passed on the word to Frummess. Shortly after finding out all her cats would be cared for after, Frummess passed. Both Reyna and Meave believe she was holding on until she got that news.

“What little she had, she left it for the animals,” said Reyna. “Words cannot describe the gratitude for [FAART’s] help. They’re good rescue people.”

Meave says there are still donkeys and horses that need to be rehomed. Anyone wanting to take in these animals will be vetted to ensure the animals can be cared for.

To contact FARRT, you can call (956) 346-8738 or visit their Facebook page for more information.