Woman on Trial for Practicing Medicine Without a License

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The trial against a Brownsville woman accused of injecting clients with fake Botox continues in Hidalgo County. 48-year-old Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez was arrested in October of 2013 for practicing medicine without a license.

It was a long day of testimony in court as the plastic surgeon who treated one of the defendant’s alleged victims took the stand. During his testimony, he showed jurors what the silicone substance had done to the woman, and he explained the life threatening risks the illegal cosmetic procedures can cause.

Dr. Armando Moncada, Plastic Surgeon said, “What can happen, in orderly fashion, is the patient can have an immediate response to the injection. Secondly, you can have an infection. You can have a lump formation or masses of lumps. Your kidneys fail to function because the substance goes into the kidney.”

He added that the most threatening side effect is death for having silicone injected directly into the tissue.

During cross examination the defense attorney asked the witness to tell the jury how many times he performed surgery on the alleged victim to highlight her desire to look beautiful. No matter the cost.

Dr. Moncada, “2/22/2016 injection of fat to her right buttock. Subsequent to her defect that you saw there, she gained some weight. So I did a liposuction and used that fat to enhance her butt.”

According to the plastic surgeon, the victim had a total of 10 surgeries including a first liposuction before her illegal procedures with the defendant. Gonzalez’s trial is expected to resume tomorrow morning.

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