CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A husband and wife were arrested for allegedly lying under oath, records show.

Omar Palomares and Diana Palomares were arrested on charges of aggravated perjury, according to Cameron County records.

The two are accused of lying during a seizure/forfeiture case during a motion for summary judgment on Jan. 17, 2023.

An indictment states that Omar Palomares, while under oath, falsely stated that he did not give an officer consent to search his vehicle, that he never admitted drugs found in his truck belong to him and that he did not give officers consent to search his home.

However, the indictment states that body camera footage shows him giving consent to search his vehicle and admitting the drugs were his. Additionally, the document states that Omar signed the consent to search his house on camera.

Diana Palomares is accused of falsely stating that officers forced their way into her home, that she did not smoke marijuana and that she did not admit her husband was a drug dealer.

“The officers first spoke with [Diana] before making entry and [Diana] guided the officers through the house on body cam,” the indictment stated.

She allegedly also admitted to smoking marijuana, and that her husband is a drug dealer on camera.

Records show they were booked into the Cameron County jail on June 1. They were each given a $5,000.