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HARLINGEN (ValleyCentral) — Winter season means more Winter Texans in the valley. However, local health experts are concerned for their health as the valley is still seeing COVID-19 cases.

Winter Texans like Bob and Lee Ann Harrelson are no strangers to travel. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Harrelson’s said they have been finding ways to keep themselves safe when traveling.

“We were living in the volunteer village, and we were going in a cleaning campsite and the fireplaces and stuff like that,” said Lee Ann Harrelson. ” So, we weren’t in close contact with people except for that little, small bubble again and so we felt pretty good about that.”

They are not the only Winter Texans taking extra precautions.

“We thought about not going but then we figured that we are in an RV and we are very clean in the RV and we are out and about we wear masks we hand sanitize,” said Jeannie Miller.

The most common practice Winter Texans in Harlingen is staying safe from COVID-19 is by keeping with groups who are fully vaccinated. Local health experts say with the Delta variant in the valley and new concerns of the Omicron variant, the best way to prevent any more hospitalizations is to get vaccinated.

“What I am concerned about is that we are seeing a rise of Winter Texans,” said Cameron County Health Authority Dr. James Castillo. ” We want to make sure we have access to those monoclinal antibody treatments if they do get sick and just make sure that we have access to the vaccine and then the boosters of the third doses as needed.”

As for the Winter Texans in Harlingen, they are fully vaccinated and just hope other tourists will do the same as them.

“If you help yourself, you help other people,” Miller said.

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