MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — One winter Texan is making it his mission to use his skills to do good for the community. 

This week’s Pay it 4ward introduces Vic Vollrath, Salvation Army volunteer and part-time Rio Grande Valley resident who spends his time in the RGV serving others. 

He didn’t plan on volunteering, but it found him anyway.

“I happened to be picked up for speeding so when they gave me the option to volunteer to pay off my fine,” Vollrath said. “I heard of the Salvation Army and hey, it was the right choice. I loved it… I never left.”

Nearly two decades later, Vollrath is still spending his days at the Salvation Army in McAllen.

“About 18 or 19 years, I forgot it’s been so long,” said Vollrath. 

His specialty is unique. He fixes all the donated electronics that come through the building. 

“I used to teach physics, even growing up my father was an electrician so I got to playing around with electricity,” Vollrath said. 

Once Vollrath inspects and repairs if needed, the electronics go back on the shelf for sale. 

The proceeds all go back to the emergency shelter or social service programs. 

“It’s very satisfying, quite often I do homework. Usually, I can’t get them totally fixed here so it goes with me where we stay,” he said. 

It’s his way of paying it forward to the Rio Grande Valley that’s become his second home.

“If you’re at retirement age, give thought to Salvation Army. They are wonderful,” he added. 

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