HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — It’s official, Wing Barn has confirmed a national chicken wing shortage, and they are asking the community for support.

Wing Barn said in a statement on Monday, that their vendors are unable to supply the traditional amounts of chicken wings.

 “It is a national issue that has left the industry scrambling,” said Wing Barn representative stated in a press release.

The shortage comes as an effect of the pandemic and the recent freeze Texas experienced in February.

Wing Barn CEO Bobby Saenz is left questioning whether they should switch vendors and “sacrifice the quality of chicken wings,” or keep the quality but run out of the traditional bone-in wings. “There is no ‘good’ choice,” Saenz said.

In the meantime, Saenz asks customers to be patient and to try different menu items, such as boneless chicken wings.

“We know we have asked a lot from our customers this year, but we believe our community is rooting for us and have faith they will continue to support our local, family-owned business.”

 Wing Barn Head Chef and Co Founder Daniel Pompa said in a statement.