For over a year, a Spanish company has been constructing the San Roman Wind Farm in Los Fresnos.
Many local residents have noticed the visible impact to the landscape.

Today the company hopes to make a positive impact in the community.

The Rio Grande Valley has an abundance of natural resources.
It also has consistent weather.
High winds and clear skies can make this area attractive to renewable energy investors.

Acciona CEO Jose Manuel Entrecanales says, “Texas is very special for a number of reasons. First of all. The natural conditions… The business community is friendly…. The regulation is a friendly regulation.”
Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos says, “It is my job to ensure we bring prosperity to the border, that we bring jobs, [and] that we bring investment. That’s why I’m here today.”

Some like Acciona believe in the future of renewable energy. They believe it’s not just about investing in the latest technologies, it’s also about investing in future communities.
“We intend to get a lot more involved and provide to the community all of our capacities,” says Entrecanales.
This wind farm is a 93-megawatt facility. It can produce energy for approximately 30,000 homes.

Along with inaugurating their first wind farm in TX. Acciona awards 2 – $5,000 scholarships to local students. Scholarship recipients were Maria Garcia from Los Fresnos and Hanna Pinkerton from Point Isabel ISD. The company aims to award scholarships each year the company is here. 

The CEO tells News Center 23 that this is a company that is here to stay. He believes his company should benefit people and the planet.

“We’re in rural Texas looking at this wonderful project. I want to ensure all rural communities have an equal opportunity to attract investment.,” says Pablos.

Projects of this magnitude are expected to remain in an area for at least 30 years.
At nearly over 300 feet tall they are definitely noticed in the community.