WILLACY COUNTY, Texas — KVEO is covering all angles of Tropical Storm Hanna which is projected to make landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane.

Port Mansfield in Willacy County is projected to get a significant amount of rain and flooding.

“If we get 8-12 inches of rain like they’re predicting we’re going to flood, we’re trying to do the best we can do to be prepared,” said Frank Torres, Willacy County Emergency Management Coordinator.

The county is offering free sandbags for residents and wants them to know they are preparing every angle for anything that may come their way.

“We have reached out to the American Red Cross and pre-staged supplies and equipment in the even we have to shelter anyone from flooding,” said Torres.

Residents say they don’t want what has happened in the past to happen again.

“Last year we had a bad flood in Raymondville, really bad, but hopefully not like that this time,” said Dora Ramirez who owns a shop in Raymondville.

A big area of concern for Willacy County is Port Mansfield.  

“Do not go to Port Mansfield right now. It’s not safe right now,” said Torres, “We are looking at 35-50 mile per hour winds, it’s a very rough surf, rough bay, 10 plus foot seas, it’s unsafe to be out there on a boat or bay fishing.”

Emergency management staff say there’s a high probability if you go to Port Mansfield, you may be stuck out there.

“In previous flood events in Willacy, typically County Road 186 floods out at San Perlita, and County Road 1420 floods out at Santa Monica so if you come to Port Mansfield from out of town, you’re going to get stuck in there and we know there’s a possibility we lose power, so you might get stuck out there, you will be flooded in, you will not be able to evacuate,” said Torres.

Officials recommend having food and supplies to sustain you and your family for at least days without power.

For a list of sandbag locations you can visit here.