HARLINGEN, Texas — The time for change is now.

That’s what demonstraters are calling for while protesting in the streets.

Some protesters are also urging people to keep the same energy at the polls.

“The next step is to go to the polls. We’ve seen that prominent political figures including the former president of the United States Barack Obama mentioned that there not only has to be protests but political action as well,” said Dr. Natasha Altema Mcneely.

She’s an associate political science professor at UTRGV and believes protesters are going to turn out but there are more challenges many will face.

“If people have time if people have means to get to their polling place allof that information and those types of resources still remain big factors,” she said.

We spoke to county election staff throughout the valley who say they haven’t seen an increase in people registering to vote but it’s still too early to tell.

Dr. Altema McNeely said protests across the country are making a difference, partly because of the power of social media.

“They have become tools for those wanting to gain information about these protests, where to go, what’s happening. They also become tools for those who are present at the protest and want to spread the word and images of what has happen during these protests. There have been many cases where the protest starts off peacefully and the police reaction has been very aggressive and those videos have been circulating all over social media,” she said.

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