Wild & August: Harlingen farmers market’s flowers has more to offer than store availability

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — According to the owner of Wild August, Jennifer Wilson, homegrown local flowers bring more to someone’s living room than store-bought flowers.

Wilson said she started out in the flower-growing industry with a love for gardening and the flowers that would grow around her house.

“Finding things all over the property and thinking this is pretty and putting it in a bouquet,” said Wilson. “Never intending for it to become its own business but that’s exactly what happened.”

Wilson told ValleyCentral that this love grew into a business which then, in turn, grew into owning half an acre of land which is solely dedicated to cut flowers.

It began with Wilson and her family hauling a trailer filled with hundreds of flowers to markets across the Valley, but Wilson said it was “too hard lugging around three children and a trailer full of flowers,” so she and her husband decided to utilize their backyard and turn it into a farmer’s market where people can purchase flowers directly off the farm.

Four years later and Wilson has put on a weekly farmer’s market at 16803 Garrett Road in Harlingen.

“It’s so fulfilling to have people come out here every week and say, ‘This is beautiful,'” said Wilson.

Wilson added that her nursery has been community-driven as she has gained a lot of support over the years and even had the request of a group of moms on Mother’s Day of 2021 to help Wilson out on one of the busiest days of her year.

“I love that. I love that people feel like they can participate and they can be included and I love that they want to help,” said Wilson. “That is something I never would have imagined, but it’s one of the best parts of Wild August–the community involvement.”

Wilson said she wanted to do something extra special with her flower nursery, and so she named her business ‘Wild August’ in honor of her two sons Wilder and August.

Although August is in the business name though, August is not Wilson’s peak blossom season. She said late January through early February into May or June is when her fields are full of color. Wilson has started putting seeds in the ground and preparing for next year’s bloom.

When they do blossom, Wilson said her garden as well as others will have more to offer consumers such as a longer vase life and flowers that you may not be able to buy in a wholesale flower shop. She also said that with the flowers being local, it gives them a soul.

“To me, I would liken it to the difference between cooking with canned food and cooking with stuff that you grew in your own garden,” said Wilson.

Wilson encourages the community to take up gardening as she said it will not only change your life but also your living room decor.

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