RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Texas federal judge granted a temporary restraining order on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The temporary restraining order allowed Whole Women’s Health clinics in Texas to reopen and provide some abortion services.

“When the decision came from the Supreme Court, we knew there was going to be a period of time where we could continue to offer abortion care. However, Ken Paxton ratified that abortion was illegal in Texas. So, that is the reason why we moved forward with filing for this restraining order,” said Whole Woman’s Health corporate vice president, Andrea Ferrigno.

She said the organization is familiar with legal issues when it comes to abortion care in Texas.

“We’ve been here with the state of Texas before. We know that it’s an ongoing battle even though we got the injunction, we knew that they were probably going to appeal it as soon as possible. That is not a determination for us. Our objective is to take care of our people,” said Ferrigno.

She explained that the organization is communicating with patients and taking the steps necessary for them, while they can.

“Our doors are open. We are having patients come in so that we can offer whatever services we are able to offer at that point depending on where we are in this legal process,” she said.

Although their doors are open, Ferrigno said there are still restrictions in place on abortion care.

She said with the restraining order being temporary, the outcome for some patients might not be favorable.

“We are all moving as fast and as efficiently as we can. Again, in partnership with our patients, our doctors, and our staff but we are in a race against the clock and a race against the state of Texas that is constantly attacking women’s rights and the well-being of our patients and so that means that unfortunately there will be people that won’t be able to get the care that they deserve in their community,” said Ferrigno.

She said their McAllen location is currently open and available to answer questions and assist patients with abortion care services.