HARLINGEN, Texas – (KVEO) When we vote for President, we’re actually voting for people to represent us in the electoral college, and some like Judge Sally Gonzalez think that needs to change.

“I think it’s outdated. I think we need to revamp that issue nationwide.” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez also mentioned that people don’t vote because they don’t want to believe in the electoral college.

Political Science professor Dr. Jeff Justice says some people forget about the electoral college.

“When Texans go to the polls for who they are voting, they are not actually voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden or any of the third party candidates. ” said Justice.

Justice mentions voters are actually voting for the Republic, Democratic or third party electors when going to the polls.

Preparing for the polls is highly recommended by Political Professor Terence Garrett.

“Some states generally with much smaller populations will actually lose the names of the elector on the ballot. In Texas they can go to the Texas secretary state office” he said.

According to both professors, preparing for the polls is needed each election year in order to make every vote count.

For further information about who is running for Texas electoral positions you can visit VoteTexas.gov.