Homeowners at Boca Chica Village shared their decisions following SpaceX offers.

It’s been about four months since SpaceX made offers to people at Boca Chica Village and for long-time homeowners like Cheryl Stevens, she chose to sell her home as she said she was having problems with renting out her property.

“I’m maybe the only person that does short term rentals and it was already messing up my ability to rent because people would rent maybe for a weekend to come and go to Boca Chica Beach and then not be able to go,” said Stevens. “And I had one family kicked off the beach while they were staying here.”

Stevens said there are still about eight to ten families that have not sold their homes like Winter Texan James Crawford.

“There’s no home like this, there’s no place like this anywhere in this part of Texas where we got the peace and quiet. We don’t have gas stations or restaurants out here,” said Crawford.

Despite some changes since their neighbors Space X moved in, like more traffic and noise, Crawford said he is not selling his winter home even after the private company reached out to him again a couple of days ago.

“They say they’re offering three times the value of your property but they’re determining what your property is valued at,” said Crawford. “It’s really not a fair way to do business. We know what our property is worth because we live here and we know what it means to us.”

CBS 4 spoke with other homeowners, but some did not want to speak on camera because they are still in negotiations with SpaceX.