When Will the Fall Weather Stay for Good?

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Fall season is underway and most of the Rio Grande Valley has seen some relief from the dry heat.

But with late temperatures in the triple digits, you may start to wonder when exactly will fall weather make its way to south Texas.

News Center 23 spoke to the National Weather Service Bureau in Brownsville who says cooler temperatures may show up a little at a time.

Barry Goldsmith, Meteorologist says, “As we get farther into October we’ll start to see more of these fronts come in and change the air mass back to something a bit more comfortable. We’re not going to see this 25-day streak of pressingly hot and humid weather that just doesn’t seem to end. We’re into a pattern now where that may happen for a couple of days and then it’ll break and as we get later into October there’ll be many more breaks as we head deeper into fall.”

Forecasters have been forecasting only heat in the valley, so it’s nice to see a change of pace for the upcoming days.

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