What to do when using contacts and glasses during the pandemic

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EDINBURG, Texas — An optometrist shares what people with visual aids should do to protect themselves from any virus.

Dr. Sawyer Lambert, an optometrist at UT Health RGV Vision Center said they are making changes to help slow the spread of COVID-19 infections by limiting contact in the exam rooms and placing a shield between themselves and the patient. 

They’re also having patients do their part when coming in for appointments. 

“We’re also having patients wash their hands when they come in and make sure that they are wearing a mask the moment they enter,” said Lambert. 

The optometrist said it’s safe for patients to wear contacts during the pandemic, but adds that it’s important to wash hands before putting on contacts and removing them.

“It is vital to make sure that we are protecting the eyes by replacing the solutions every single day and replacing the case every month to prevent any of that bacteria or virus from building up on any of the actual cases,” said Lambert. 

Since the virus can live on surfaces for hours and even days, Lambert advises disinfecting glasses.

“We need to make sure that patients are washing their glasses with warm water, a little bit of dish soap and a microfiber cloth to dry them off afterwards to make sure that they are preventing any of the virus from transmitting from the glasses on to their face or anything else,” said Lambert. 

If patients start to feel sick, Lambert recommends refraining from using contact lenses until they are completely well.

While the center evaluates patients calling in for red eye, Lambert said they’re recommending patients who do have any respiratory symptoms, fever, cough or shortness of breath to get tested.

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