What changed with the CDC mask guidelines?

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Thursday that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask inside or outside.

Since the pandemic started, everyone has talked about the day things would return to normal.

New CDC guidelines

In a press conference, Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the time to return to normal is now.

“Based on the continuing downward trajectory of cases, the scientific data on the performance of our vaccine, and our understanding of how the virus spreads, that moment has come for those that are fully vaccinated,” said Walensky.

CDC guidelines aren’t mandatory, they are simply suggestions about how people should act. The new mask guideline doesn’t mean you can just go into businesses without a mask.

“It’s the same as ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service.’ Well, ‘no mask, no shoes, no shirt, no service’. You have your private property, you can set those rules,” said Dr. James Castillo, health authority for Cameron County.

Castillo believes the new guidelines could act as an incentive for people who are unsure about getting vaccinated.

“If you’ve been fully vaccinated, the CDC guidance is clear,” said Castillo. “If you look at those risk activities that they think you can do, you’re pretty much good to go for everything.”

With the new guidelines coming out, Castillo stressed that it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has not gone away.

“For people who are not vaccinated, you’re still taking a risk going to those different activities.”

CDC data shows that only 40% of the population is fully vaccinated, and Castillo said we might never fully get rid of COVID-19 the way we have diseases like measles.

“Something like, we don’t get overwhelming outbreaks in hospitals, we don’t have people dying all of the time, then that’s very achievable,” said Castillo.

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