Weslaco organization aims to clean the streets of stray animals

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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — FIND1FEED1 is an organization that was founded in 2018 to help stray animals find their forever homes.

Founder of FIND1FEED1 Robert Franklin noticed an overwhelming amount of stray animals around the Rio Grande Valley and said he needed to do something to help.

Franklin and his wife, Noelia will drive around through allies looking for animals. All animals that are picked up are immediately given food and water.

The animals are then taken back to the Franklin house where they temporarily stay as the search for a forever home begins.

“We have people calling us and saying, ‘We have 10, we have 5 dogs, I can’t take care of them,'” said Noelia. “We usually find them a home within an hour.”

Volunteer Bobbie Jo Pineda said she came across this organization as her dog had just given birth to five puppies and she was unable to take care of them, so FIND1FEED1 said they would find homes for them. She added that the organization has helped out a lot of animals, and so it was something she couldn’t pass up on supporting.

In three years, the organization has saved the lives of hundreds of animals. Noelia added they have temporarily housed up to 25 animals at one time as well.

Basic necessities such as dog shampoo, food, and water are typically funded through the Franklins.

Noelia told ValleyCentral they are in need of more volunteers to help spread the word as well as help pick up and transport animals. If a home can’t be found in the RGV, FIND1FEED1 will transport animals around Texas.

If you’re interested in donating financially or with basic necessities, Noelia encourages the public to reach out to FIND1FEED1.

Businesses can also sponsor the organization.

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