Weslaco Firefighters Association vote no confidence in fire operations

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Source: Weslaco Firefighters Association Local 3207 Facebook

EDITOR’S NOTE: The City of Weslaco released a statement on this issue:

WESLACO, Texas — On Wednesday, the Weslaco Firefighters Association IAFF Local 3207 advised the city of a 37-2 no-confidence vote in Assistant Fire Chief Jaime Hernandez.

The association said in their letter they are concerned about the leadership, accountability, and direction of the department.

The firefighters urged city leaders to investigate the leadership and operations of the fire department as soon as possible and take action against assistant Chief Hernandez.

“The city of Weslaco is in receipt of the letter submitted by the Weslaco Firefighters Association, a voluntary association and bargaining agent. Administration is reviewing any and all specifics outlined in the letter, in accordance with proper protocol and procedures. Importantly, the city of Weslaco ensures its residents that fire and emergency medical services will not be impacted and the current 71 firefighters and paramedic personnel continue working hard to keep the community safe at all times.”

Cristina M. Garcia, PIO City of Weslaco.

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