Weslaco East softball player suffers concussion, blacks out, then allowed to drive herself home

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WESLACO, Texas (KVEO) — A softball player for Weslaco East High School was struck by a softball in the head at practice and received a concussion, and her parents say they want to see changes to the team.  

On March 22, after Abigail Cabrera was struck with the ball, she was given ice and told that she could drive herself home.  

Though the coach called her parents to notify her, Fernando Cabrera, Abigail’s father, said once she got home, they noticed the injury was much more serious than expected.  

“We started asking questions, we found out she wasn’t wearing any headgear, we found out she blacked out, and even at that they told her she was good to drive,” said Fernando.  

Since then, Abigail’s parents have asked for the coach, Vicki Vasquez, to be removed from her position.  

“She was placed in a situation that she should not have been in to begin with,” said Fernando.  

A mother of another teammate, Gina Garza, says other teammates saw Abigail with a bloody nose following the event.  

“And she saw her bleeding from her nose and running around, that’s not how it should be, she should have been resting,” said Garza. 

According to the University Interscholastic League, or UIL, there are very specific guidelines for how to handle concussions, including that all athletes must immediately be removed and closely observed. 

Abigail was later taken to the hospital where an MRI showed she received a concussion. 

It is not just Cabrera who has concerns either, other parents are unhappy with what they hear from coach Vasquez, and though parents have met with the school, they see no changes and want coach Vasquez out. 

Credit: KVEO; Fernando Cabrera explains how his daughter has been treated by her coach

“The first meeting we had we said we need that coach removed immediately, have they done it? No!” said Cabrera.  

Credit:KVEO: Another parent explains the stress from the team has caused her to start failing

Fernando says he’s written letters to the school and has tried to contact the superintendent of Weslaco ISD but has not heard back from the district.  

KVEO reached out to Weslaco ISD for an interview that they declined and gave us this statement instead.  

Weslaco ISD is looking into a matter involving a student athlete. The district takes all issues concerning the health and safety of all students very seriously. We have spoken to the father of the student athlete and are hoping to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Weslaco Independent School District

For now, Abigail has decided to take a break from playing for Weslaco East while the school district is investigating the situation further.   

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