HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — According to Texas Southmost College (TSC), Businesses are in need of welders because of the Texas Petroleum industry. 

Tom Tynan, Director of Construction Trades and Manufacturing for TSC said companies like SpaceX are helping increase local welding job opportunities.

Tynan said TSC’s welding program provides scholarships and pushes students to pursue higher education and get the necessary skills to start a career.

“It’s an opportunity if somebody wants to work with their hands to stay home in the valley and have a good career and make enough money to actually have a house, have a family,” said Tynan. “You have companies like Keppel or SpaceX now that are looking for hundreds and hundreds of welders,” said Tynan.

According to TSC, the average pay for entry-level welders is $18 an hour.

Cameron County Workforce Solutions is currently spreading awareness about the JL Specialty Welders LLC hiring event.

The hiring event is focused on employment for structural fitters and welders. 

Positions include competitive and weekly pay. Both fitter and welder opportunities are located outside of Cameron County.

People interested are encouraged to attend the job fair and be prepared for an in-person interview.

The job fair is scheduled for Friday, April 29 at the Workforce Solutions center in Brownsville located at 851 Old Alice Road from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.