‘We wanna make sure everyone is offered this booster’: Harlingen to begin administering COVID-19 booster shots

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — According to the City of Harlingen Health Director, Josh Ramirez, COVID-19 booster shots are being administered to select groups, but will be available to the general public after Sept. 20.

Ramirez said the city’s current focus is on those patients who are immunocompromised such as those with cancer or organ transplants.

The booster shot could last each patient up to 8 months to a year depending on their medical conditions, added Ramirez.

Before getting the booster shot, Ramirez suggests consulting with a doctor to see if you are the right candidate.

“We are encouraging them also to continue monitoring their health with their doctor, consult with their doctor, and then their doctor will make that determination whether to continue and proceed to get another booster,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez told ValleyCentral the city’s health department has received an additional $2 million in funding to expand their COVID-19 program.

With that extra funding, Ramirez said the health department will hire more staff members to work the clinics as they are currently understaffed. By hiring more staff, he said COVID-19 clinics will then be offered during the week.

Ramirez is also looking to extend COVID-19 clinics to schools, stores, and neighborhoods after Sept. 25.

“We wanna make sure everyone is offered this booster and even those who want the first or second dose,” said Ramirez. “We wanna make sure we offer that as well. We don’t want anybody to have no excuse not to get a vaccine pretty much.”

The health department is working to finalize all information regarding the qualifying factors, schedule, and location on their website, but for now, Ramirez encourages the community to call the health department at (956) 216-5220.

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