HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The ‘We Stand America’ two-day event kicked off Saturday, Jan. 29 at the Payne Arena where speakers from all over the United States joined forces to spread awareness on election integrity, education, and border security.

The rally began with one speaker stating she thought it would have been a packed stadium (there were less than 100 supporters in attendance), but accused Democrats of hacking their system and stealing “600 military tickets.” The media was also accused of spreading the message that this event was canceled.

Ted Nugent, a musician and activist added, “The reason why there are so few people here are because the powers that be hate freedom. They hate America. They hate you. They really hate me which proves I’m really good.”

Nugent continued on stating regardless of the number of people who had shown up, it wouldn’t stop him from stating “the facts” and “calling people out.”

“If you fail to convince everybody in your family and in circle of Americans, if you fail to convince them to vote constitutional accountability, you’re the problem,” said Nugent.

Nugent then incited the audience to “scold” the people in their lives to stand up against “these evil Marxist American hating forces in our government.” He listed the media, academia, big tech companies, and those that censor as a part of that group.

Texas’ District 27 Representative, Alex Dominguez, told ValleyCentral, that’s not the way to demand change. He thinks the rally was meant to “rile up some type of base.”

Dominguez commented what the people need from elected officials from every level of government, including Republicans are for them to speak out against events like the ‘We Stand America’ one. “It’s dangerous and politically very sensitive. We should be a little bit more cautious, get the facts straight first.”

Patrick Eronini, the Democratic Party Chair for Hidalgo County added to Dominguez’s comment that, “The Republicans and extreme right-wing have chosen the Rio Grande Valley as a political football.”

Eronini said instead of events like these, the community and politicians should focus more on the expansion of Medicaid, the power grid, redistricting, and mask mandates.

“The people of the RGV will not fall for the double talk of the Republicans,” said Eronini.

Although the event is concerning to Dominguez, he wanted to reassure everyone that local law enforcement is not taking the situation lightly and is working towards ensuring the safety of each Valley resident.

For more information on the, ‘We Stand America’ event, visit their website.