‘We believe that God hears us’: Valley police hold candlelight vigil for officer fighting cancer, COVID-19

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LAGUNA VISTA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Brownsville and Laguna Vista police departments held a candlelight vigil at Roloff Park for Laguna Vista officer, Noah Ryan Le Blanc Saturday.

Officer Le Blanc was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and has been going through chemotherapy. He has recently contracted COVID-19 as well.

According to Le Blanc’s mother, Mary Lou, Le Blanc is currently in the ICU and on life support.

When Mary Lou found out that Le Blanc was positive for the Coronavirus, she leaned on her faith for support. She sat down with Brownsville PD Lieutenant, Eric Castillo and requested a community vigil for friends, family, and colleagues to attend.

Lt. Castillo told ValleyCentral once he knew the needs of Mary Lou and her family, he knew he had to put together a prayer service.

“Some may find it impossible or hard to believe that somebody who has gone through everything he has gone through and is still going through can make a full recovery, but it’s possible and that’s gonna be one of my prayers is putting faith in action and saying ‘I believe you can do it,'” said Lt. Castillo.

Lt. Castillo and Mary Lou both said they believe God can hear their prayers and now, it’s up to him to save Le Blanc’s life.

“We say around here is Le Blanc strong and finish the fight and that’s what we’re gonna do is finish strong,” said Mary Lou.

The candlelight vigil had a local minister lead a prayer over Le Blanc as those who were in attendance lit their candles or turned on their camera flashlights.

Lt. Castillo said if you were unable to make it to the vigil and want to support Le Blanc, you can donate to the family’s GoFundMe. Their goal is $20,000 for Le Blanc’s cancer treatment.

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