You are watching a CBS 4 Investigates Special Report: “Will Uvalde Happen Again?”

It’s a short question we’ve asked Valley school districts, parents, viewers and even children, because at the end of they day they are the ones who live with the decisions adults make.

We are focusing on the effects that the mass shooting at Uvalde has had on school safety in the Rio Grande Valley and across the nation.

We’ve talked to school districts asking them how they are enhancing security measures and how local law enforcement is stepping in to help.

Different measures have been taken to increase armed officers at many schools. Those who do not have a school police force are expanding security by creating agreements with local law enforcement agencies.

“In light of what happened in Uvalde, I think a lot of school districts are looking at how can they do that,” said Danny Castillo, Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District Emergency Management and School Safety Director. “There are different approaches. I think one of the opportunities, one of those we discovered ourselves is enhancing those partnerships we have.”