Was This Radio DJ’s “La Chona” Challenge Arrest Real or Fake?

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“R Communications how may I help you?” said a telephone operator. “I’d like to speak with Denisse Garcia.” replied News Center 23’s Derick Garcia. Local 102.5 y 92.7 La Ley Disc Jockey Denisse Garcia danced her way into the handcuff of a Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy in a cell phone video posted facebook. “Uh oh!” was the only reaction to Denisse could have to the lights and sirens in her rear view mirror. Just seconds after getting out of moving car she attempted to record her version of the La Chona Challenge. The dance was short lived, in the video a Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy is scolding the dancing queen. The video then cuts to Denisse crying with handcuffs being slapped on her. The video racked one million views in day. Some wrote nasty comments, others wrote ‘that’s what you get’ with laughing emojis and others were unsure if the video was real or fake. 

News Center 23 was just as curious and had to know, was local DJ Denisse Garcia arrested and if so, where were the records? “It is part of a Public Service Announcement” said Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputy Jena Pacheco. 

“Don’t believe everything you see on facebook.” said Denisse Garcia with News Center 23 in her first interview. “People shouldn’t be doing it period.” Garcia explained she knew the deputy and didn’t rehearse the viral PSA. “Thank you for investigating and taking the time.” Garcia frustrating said media outlets ran the story without confirming the legitimacy of her arrest (or in this case the illegitimacy). 

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