Voting legislation not the only focus for RGV lawmakers during special session

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — The special session enters a new week and voting legislation is not the only focus for lawmakers. 

Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. said Senate Bill 4 is one of his main focuses. The bill will not only limit the use of abortion medication but also prohibits people from receiving the medication in the mail.

Lucio said overall he does not support abortion but any woman who chooses to go that route should not be able to receive abortion medication by mail.

The senator said for the safety of all women, there should be proper consultation from a doctor to see what is best. 

“I don’t favor them being mailed to a woman directly because the woman is not an expert in what those drugs will do and there could be complications and the woman could die,” he said.

Lucio also said abortion is risky and he does not feel that it is worth doing. 

As for the debate over border wall construction, Lucio said he cares about border security. However, he does not agree that the usage of state funds is the right way to go. 

According to Lucio, the border is a federal issue, and believes Governor Greg Abbott should be insisting on the federal government to work on border construction.

He said there are many things that need to be addressed when it comes to the usage of state funds.

“We got healthcare, Medicaid expansion, we have other special projects that are quality of life issues for people and education funding, a lot of things that need to be addressed that require state funds,” he said.

Lucio said leaders need to put aside political differences and work together to bring solutions that will work for the people.

He added it is important for everyone to study issues but keeping in mind how they will impact the Rio Grande Valley.  

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