Voter Fraud Trial Heats Up, Defense Says Plaintiff Has Less and Less of a Case

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A heated trial continues in a Hidalgo County Courtroom. Former City of Mission Mayor Beto Salinas is suing Mayor-elect Dr. Armando O’Caña over their June runoff race results.

Beto Salinas is continuing to make his case that his opponent in the mayoral runoff race used cash and questionable tactics to win. At today’s proceedings the Salinas team continued to call subpoenaed witnesses to the stand to testify about their ballots. The Salinas team is also attempting to show that some of the ballots in this election were illegally harvested.

During testimony today, questioning of witnesses continued to be to contentious, as both attorneys push to make their cases.

Both attorneys gave their thoughts on the trial.

Gilberto Hinojosa, Attorney for Armando O’Caña, “We want this thing to be finished. They either have a case, or they don’t and it’s appearing more and more like they don’t have a case. They are just scrambling…In the last day and a half they have called somewhere around six witnesses and five of them have testified that they voted for Beto Salinas. I don’t understand that at all to be honest with you.”

Rick Salinas “I think it’s just an effort on behalf of Mr. Hinojosa and his client to hide the truth from the voters that are out there. The fact that they engaged in voter fraud. The shenanigans that are going on in here is something that I anticipated, but I’m not going to quit, I’m not going to stop. We’re going to continue to push forward and were going to be successful.”

The judge has given the Salinas team until the end of the week to wrap up their questioning. There is a list of 50 potential subpoenaed witnesses. The trial resumes tomorrow morning.

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