Volunteers Help Mother and Her Three Children

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A group of volunteers are building a new home for a mother and her three children.           

The Buckner Rio Grande Valley Organization has been helping families in need for more than 100 years. Now, Elizabeth Mendez and her children will have a place to call home.

Elizabeth Mendez, “I have graduated from classes in Buckner and now I see results from all my hard work.”

Mendez has been a volunteer with Buckner for 7 years and is now seeing her hard work pay off. She says she’s happy to soon have a safe home that doesn’t flood or have mold. She is thankful the organization taught her how to make hats, adding she’s made over $400 selling them.

Diego Silva the director of Family Hope Center says it can take up to two years for a family in the organization to be approved for a home. “One of the biggest issues in the community is housing. Families can apply for the home build program and there is a process and application and a lot of preparation for family.”

Silva says the cost of a new home is $25,000. It is money they collect as donations from all over the state. All the labor needed to build the home is volunteer based.

Mark Morris, volunteer, “Our goal is pretty ambitious we try to build a house in 10 days. We come in on a Thursday, Friday we’re setting up blocks when we leave Saturday evening, we hope to hand the keys to the family.”

The Buckner organization aims to keep families together providing them with aid and coaching to decrease abuse, neglect, and removal of children.

The organization offers free family coaching, finance, and parenthood classes amongst many others. To join, visit the center in Peñitas located on 39614 Mile 7 Road.

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