BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Wednesday afternoon, advocates and family members rallied outside of the Cameron County Courthouse for Melissa Lucio.

“We didn’t expect that,” said John Lucio, Melissa’s eldest son, when he spoke on his mother’s stay of execution granted earlier this week.

While Lucio’s attorneys are preparing to present new evidence to the 138th judicial Cameron County court, family and supporters are still calling on Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz to drop Lucio’s charges.

“Luis Saenz is a thorough man and what that says to me as well as the friend I met yesterday, he hasn’t really taken the time yet to look deeply at this case,” said Abraham Bonowitz, an organizer from the Death Penalty Action organization, an organization against capital punishment.

The documentarian who created “The State of Texas vs. Melissa”, Sabrina Van Tassel, was present at Wednesday’s demonstration and said Lucio’s case has impacted the world.

“I discovered something terrible had happened, an innocent woman was on death row,” said Van Tassel.

Rodrick Reed, the brother of Rodney Reed a Texas man on death row convicted of rape, murder, and abduction, spoke on a call encouraging people to keep fighting.

“Fight,” said Reed. “Continue to stand up for truth, rights, and justice and continue to do what God puts on our heart, which is to do all that we can to help our fellow man.”

John Lucio said he spent all last week in Gatesville where his mother is being held at the Mountain View Unit prison and is back in south Texas continuing to ask D.A. Saenz to drop Melissa’s charges.

“Being gone for so long she’s segregated away from people all she knows is correctional officers, all we’re asking is that he helps my mother,” said John. “Help her be a human.”

John said he is one of 14 of Lucio’s children and added they have been separated from one another since Lucio’s conviction.

“I’m pretty sure it’s going to bring my brothers and sisters and me back together. I can’t wait for that,” he said.