VIDEO: Mission resident catches migrants crossing yard, jumping fence

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MISSION, Texas (KVEO) —Some Mission residents say their security cameras have caught migrants crossings in their front yards during broad daylight.

Bonnie Fogg. a winter Texan living in Mission, says he has seen a rise in migrants.

“They will cross over the fence and into the backyard,” said Fogg.   

Fogg shared a video from her security camera with KVEO and says the incident takes place as many as three or four times a night.”

Other residents shared videos of Border Patrol apprehending migrants in their yards.

Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Fogg

Fogg added that even though the National Guard is present, they are not allowed to apprehend anyone and can only make referrals to Border Patrol.  

“When I called there was one night when I got no response, there was no Border Patrol available,” said Fogg. “Which means they were in other areas working.” 

She also said migrants knock on her door. 

Image courtesy of Theresa Meade

“They are looking for water, they are looking for assistance, they want a phone because they have a number they can call, it can be a number of things and they do ask for help,” said Fogg.   

Fogg said her community is only about a mile from the Rio Grande and believes the Border Wall was helping.

“Not having those walls is having a negative impact on us that we can see every day,” said Fogg.  

 Fogg said that she has notice that it is the same person who is leading these groups of migrants through the area.  

For now, the community says the best they can do is remain alert. 

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