Victim of Berlin Terror Attack Remains Hospitalized, Family Finds Peace through Prayer

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The prime suspect in an attack on a Berlin Christmas market is dead. 24-year-old Anis Amri was killed by police more than 600 miles away from where he drove a truck into a crowd.

Officials say when Amri was asked for his papers, he drew a gun from his backpack and opened fire.

Police then returned fire, killing him.

12 people died and 53 were injured. One of the victims is a valley native.

News Center 23’s Derick Garcia spoke with the family as they make their way to Berlin.

 “It’s something I never would have imagined in a million years.”

Armando Ramirez’s oldest brother, Richard Ramirez, survived a terror attack.

On Monday, a suspected terrorist, high jacked a truck and drove through a crowded market in Berlin, Germany.

Armando’s brother was severely injured with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and part of his colon was removed.

Peter, Richard Ramirez’s partner of 18 years is one of 12 people killed in the terror attack.

“So he gets the panic attacks so they have to give him tranquilizers to calm him down, but then when he comes out of it, it happens again, so it’s kind of a cycle right now.” Said Armando Ramirez when explaining his brother’s condition.

Armando and his wife are leaving to Berlin the day after Christmas to spend several weeks by his brother’s side.

Their sister and brother in law are expected to arrive Saturday morning.

As a family, Armando believes the power of prayer will pull them through.

“I think we’ll feel better once we’re there and we get to see him and get to be with him and hold his hand and tell him that we’re here for him.”

The suspect, Anis Amri was shot and killed days after the attack.

The news brings some comfort to the family.

“It doesn’t it doesn’t because yes he’s gone and he’ll never do this again to anyone else, to any more innocent people but it doesn’t change the fact, Peter is gone and my brother was still laying in ICU. My brother’s life will never be the same. Our whole lives will never be the same because Peter was part of our family. And so, it’s comforting he can never do such a heinous crime to anyone else ever again” said Armando Ramirez.

What truly brings them comfort is a bible verse and prayers.

“Psalm: 23 ‘there is nothing I shall want my cup overflows…’ And with our faith and sticking together and coming together as a family, my brother will come through, hopefully with everyone’s help and everyone’s prayers” said Ramirez.

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