Veterinarian shares what food ingredients could be harmful to your pet

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MERCEDES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Mercedes veterinarian advises pet owners to look at the ingredients of pet food before making that purchase.

Dr. Jack Valerius said pet owners should take a look at the ingredients first because it could affect their pet’s overall health.

Every bag of pet food is required to list its ingredients in the order of volume with the first three to five making up 95-98% of the food.

The chicken by-product is a common ingredient, but it’s not always an unhealthy ingredient. However, if the by-product happens to be chicken feathers, it is sometimes indigestible which could potentially affect the kidneys.

“That is the one organ in our body that cannot reproduce or heal itself,” added Dr. Valerius. “It’s important we try to take care of the kidneys because we’re given all the kidney function we’re gonna have.”

Another ingredient to be on the lookout for is protein and fiber. If there is an excessive amount it may put a strain on the pet’s lifespan.

For example, if an animal is 2 years old, it could potentially exhibit the energy of a 5 or-6-year-old.

“Stay away from your bottom-line products because most of those have a certain amount of filler,” said Dr. Valerius. “That’s the reason they are being sold for a cheaper product.”

Dr. Valerius suggests purchasing major pet food brands to stray away from buying unhealthy ingredients like Purina, IAMS, and Hill’s Science Diet.

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