ALAMO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Every Nov. 11, Alamo residents gather at the Alamo Veterans Memorial located on Alamo Road, to honor their hometown heroes. 

“It’s a beautiful park, we use it every November the 11th for Veterans Day,” Mayor Diana Martinez said. “This is where we have our ceremony.”

It’s a true patriotic sight for all who visit. Flags waive hastily representing each branch of Military Service.

Brick pavers name some of the finest who have served and in center of it all the bald eagle, the ultimate symbol of freedom.

“In essence the bald eagle is guarding the veterans,” architectural engineering teacher RAul B. Garza told ValleyCentral.

In 2016 the City of Alamo got their very own Veterans Memorial. Mayor Martinez stated it was a no brainer when the idea came up.

“This beautiful Veterans Memorial Park is for our community – not only for the city of Alamo, but all the veterans here in the Rio Grande Valley,” Martinez said. “They can come in and sit down and enjoy this veterans memorial park.” 

The idea started back in 2013 when Garza challenged his students to go above and beyond in a class project.

During his time at PSJA Memorial High School, Garza asked his students to think up a project that would benefit the community, be permanent and be remembered forever.

Students Jhosue Urbina and Mario Garcia Jr. stepped-up to the plate and pitched the Veterans Memorial. Immediately they got to work.

“All the veterans really deserve this acknowledgement,” Garza said. “They fought for our freedom that we have now, and they need all the respect, the honor and this is something we can show them our gratitude,”

Taking this from a class project to a city staple became a team effort. The PSJA School District donated the land near Farias Elementary School.

The Alamo Economic Development Corporation also donated funds for architect and construction.

It took three years for the the Alamo Veteran’s Memorial to become a reality.

“Anything can be accomplished if you set your mind and take the initiative,” Garza said. “Hopefully other individuals that are able to assist, and maybe encourage students to design something to give back to the community – because it’s very important that we need to remember where you came from.” 

This was a lesson that far exceeded Garza’s expectations. His class project is now a place that will forever honor the brave.