MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — As the nation gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with tables full of delicious food, health organizations gathered today with a healthier version of a Thanksgiving feast.

Different churches from the Seventh-Day Adventists in McAllen hosted the “Festival Vegan Life” at the McAllen Convention Center

The event kicked off its festivities after the parade celebrating healthy lifestyle choices.

The festival is aimed to promote a healthier lifestyle, whether with plant, vegetable, or fruit-based foods. Health checks, vision screenings, blood pressure checks and CPR training were some of the services being offered.

“If we know how to use the air properly or breathe properly, it will resolve a lot of problems, stress, and anxiety,” nurse and retired physician Moises Bravo said. “Even is better to the point that we have better relationships with each other and get less irritability.”

The message from the event was to teach people how to prevent diseases by changing their eating habits to healthier vegan options.

The festival also provided other tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle such as regulating sleep schedules and exercising more often.

“It doesn’t have to be all soy-based or gluten-based like we kind of used to. You can include many different ingredients about around the world, depending on where you’re from, right?,” chef student Diana Barrietos said. “So if you’re from the Caribbean, you have many, many fruits that you can eat, and you can make different desserts or different dishes.”

Barrientos was one of many showing the 600 people expected throughout the day that eating a vegan lifestyle can be healthy and delicious.

Barrientos along with others vendors showed the attendees healthy and yummy vegan alternatives.