Lake Levels of Lake Falcon and Amistad Reservoir

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The 30-day trend for both the Falcon International Reservoir and Amistad Reservoir show that they are down almost 3 inches. Falcon is about 12% down from full capacity. Amistad is 33% down from full capacity.

Outside of the lake levels, soil moisture is not looking too much better either. Much of the northern part of the Rio Grande Valley is experiencing bone dry soil levels.

Current soil moisture

Closer to the Rio Grande things do not look that much better. Dry conditions will continue to increase the fire risk level. A burn ban is still in place for Starr County.

Few chances of sea breeze-driven showers are may develop to alleviate the low water levels and dry conditions. No amount of possible rainfall will change the likely developing drought, but any amount of rain is more than welcome.

Rainfall chances next seven days