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Residents in Corpus Christi are still being advised to avoid using tap water for their daily activities due to a chemical leak that affected the city’s water supply. The RGV is doing their part to help.

Corpus Christi is more than 100 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, but the issue the city is having with their water supply is of major concern to some residents and local politicians in the RGV.

State Representative Terry Canales says, “I got a call yesterday morning. My mother and my sister live in Corpus and fortunately, they’re fine, but there’s a lot of people that aren’t. And so when we started reaching out to find out exactly what was going on, this could be more serious than delay for drinking water, bathing water, maybe longer than most people anticipate.”

State Representative Terry Canales partnered up with State Senator Chuy Hinojosa to collect water and monetary donations to send out to Corpus. Residents like Oliva Perez, who’s a mother of two, donated more than 15 cases of water.

“My thing was, there’s kids out there that need water. Babies and kids that depend on medication that requires to drink water. I know it’s crucial for them to bathe and all but a baby that drinks formula, they can’t just drink milk. It’ll constipate them and they’ll get sick. So it’s very crucial for them to have water.”

Local companies, and other politicians have put their grain of sand by donating as much as pallets full of water cases. The initial goal was to get at least 2,500 cases of water, which they surpassed with all the help from the community.

District Director Alex Rios says, “We’re not just neighboring cities, but we’re also Texans. We would want them to help us as well in case we were ever in that scenario.”

The next stop for all these cases of water will be the Corpus Christi Food Bank.

The district office of Terry Canales will continue collecting water donations until all residents in Corpus Christi can use their tap water again.

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