MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — International Bridges are up and running again after Gov. Greg Abbott issued inspections on all commercial trucks. Now, the Governor has walked back the DPS inspections but RGV produce companies are still recovering from last week’s losses.

“With the stoppage at the border, it limited us to basically almost nothing,” said Jason Stros, Owner of Santis Produce. “We are still in recovery mode a week later.”

Santis Produce in McAllen saw a major slowdown in business after the DPS inspections we being enforced. Despite the hardships, Stros is considering himself lucky.

“I’d say we lost a tremendous amount and I think there are a lot of people losing,” Stros said. “With respect to money not so much, but to respect to outsourcing delivering our items.”  

Now the challenge for Santis Produce is catching up with the demand.

“But at least we can say that in the amount of time we are doing the very best that we can to supply some of our A-customers and get them what their needs are so we can go to the next person in line,” Stros said.

But it’s not just produce companies that are in recovery. United Brokers clears customs paperwork for local produce companies like Santis.

Owner Jesus Munoz tells ValleyCentral the majority of companies he services lost produce that ended up going bad. Now companies are planning for the next time major delays happen.

“So we have Plan B already put in place, but the problem is the trucks that caught in line that could not get out of line that was the problem we had,” Munoz said. “All the new shipments coming in we diverted to other ports.”  

But for now, Santis Produce plans to get through this recovery one day at a time.

“When the phones start ringing again and the voices start to change a little bit people are starting to say tell me when they can get more product,” Stros said. ” Every day is a new challenge but every day can get better.”