Valley Environmental Coalition raising awareness on the RGV’s environmental issues

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Valley Environmental Coalition is raising awareness about environmental issues in the Rio Grande Valley through an annual summit.

The coalition’s treasurer, Chris Lash, said the coalition became a non-profit organization in 2015 and has a mission to highlight and address issues in cities throughout the valley.

She said the organization involves legislative representatives, city officials, and the community to tackle environmental issues.

Lash explained that some of the biggest problems in our area are illegal dumping and pollution in our waterways such as canals and resacas.

She said a big issue in the area is the illegal dumping of tires and bulky waste.

“I would recommend as a citizen as a resident, become familiar of with what your city has to offer, a lot of times cities have a collection of brush, but they also have a collection of bulky waste. Utilize the resources that you have in your town,” said Lash.

She said it is also important to learn and understand recycling to avoid sending items to landfills.

If your city does not have a recycling center, there should be a drop-off facility, according to Lash.

The coalition is hosting an annual summit with speakers touching on various issues.

“We’re going to be talking about the quality of our water, in the bay areas going into the island and I think a lot of these issues that we are faced with can really be changed, impacted, and affected, through creating awareness,” said Lash.

The Valley Environmental Summit is scheduled for Oct. 1 and the following day a beach cleanup is scheduled on South Padre Island.

Lash said although registration for the summit is closed, they will be accepting walk-ins.

For more information on the Valley Environmental Coalition and its events, you can visit their website and Facebook page.

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