Valley City Bringing Thanksgiving To The Residents

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Families are rushing to the grocery stores this Thanksgiving for last minute shopping. But the city of McAllen is bringing Thanksgiving to its residents, and being a little creative.

“Do you know why you got stopped today? I saw your license plate. Disabled veteran?” said Mayor Jim Darling to one resident.

Traffic violators were in a bit of luck this morning as they received a little gift from Mayor Jim Darling.

Veteran Manuel Alvarez said, “I was really surprised, and thanks for everything. We just moved back to the Valley, I just finished my time in the military.”

It is a small token of appreciation from McAllen Crime Stoppers to the community. For their help in keeping the city safe.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said, “Crime stoppers throughout the year seeks the help of the community in two ways. One, in information and two, in fundraising for their efforts. It is their way of returning the favor to the community. In this case a community that is probably most in need.”

More than 100 families lined up outside the police department this morning for a bag full of goodies.
Complete with stuffing and dessert for that perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

“This season work is very slow for us, so this meal is a big help for us.” Said McAllen resident Sandra Duan.

If you think handing out “turkets” instead of tickets is generous enough, think again.

The city also hand delivered several turkey dinners to families who would’ve otherwise had no way of enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

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