HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Harlingen High School coach shares an emotional response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in his hometown of Uvalde.

“I was in class, and my phone buzzing, buzzing, buzzing,” said Randy Bermea, track and football coach and a business marketing teacher at Harlingen High School. “I looked and it’s my mom, my dad all my family members are reaching out to me, and I automatically think the worst.”

Bermea recalled the moment he received news from his family that Robb Elementary was attacked by an 18-year-old shooter.

Though Bermea lives and works in Harlingen, where he went to high school, he spent his younger years at Robb Elementary.

“It being an elementary school where I was walking those halls at one point in time, it hit differently, it hit my mom differently, it hit my dad differently,” said Bermea.

Uvalde is a tight-knit community where everyone looks out for each other, said Bermea.

“Everyone knows someone who’s affected by what happened, it’s one of those communities where just cause there are three elementary schools, doesn’t mean that you’re detached from it,” said Bermea.

Bermea is a first-year educator at Harlingen High School but said he reassures his students he will always protect them.

“Here at HHS we’re taking steps already to make our teacher presence in between passing periods, during lunch to have teachers,” said Bermea. “You know every teacher on staff is assigned certain duty stations.”

However, Bermea added thoughts and prayers can only go so far.

“We have to find something else, besides prayers, because it’s just happened last week again the same situation and now it’s children,” said Bermea.