RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas– With many universities getting ready for the fall semester, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is working on a plan to safely get their students back on campus. 

Patrick Gonzales, UTRGV’s Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications said they have assigned a task force in an effort to bring their students back on campus. 

“This will be a plan that will include a gradual opening, we’re not just going to do it all in one day we’re going to gradually return to campus and open some of our student service areas,” he said.  

While no plans have been finalized, Gonzales said they are working on minimizing the number of students in a classroom by having some online and some in-person, especially for those students who may not feel comfortable returning to campus.

“We know there might not be students ready to come back, we might have some students who want to stay home or need to stay home because of a health issue or because they have someone living with them with a health issue,” said Gonzales.

Other plans in process include UTRGV working on sanitizing their classrooms after each course and giving maintenance enough time between classes. 

UTRGV’s online summer classes began on Monday.

Their library, recreation center and student union have also opened while following CDC guidelines. 

Gonzales said they will have a finalized plan for the fall semester in the next couple weeks.