UTRGV work with county to prepare for hurricane season

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Less than two months away from hurricane season, Cameron County is hard at work preparing.

“We need to know this so we can make the contacts and arrangements to have these resources available,” said Julio Rivera, Cameron County emergency planner.

On Friday, Cameron County Emergency Management received an assist in their plans – from UTRGV.

“These students from UTRGV are helping us to update our STEAR list, which is a 2-1-1 service registry. We have this in case for people with mobility issues or need help when evacuating the valley in the event of an emergency or hurricane,” Rivera said.

Dr. Arlett Lomeli’s sociology class is putting their skills to the test, calling people to get them ready for hurricane season.

“The idea is to connect community with what they’re actually learning. And at the same time, they get this experience to do community service,” she explained.

For those with disabilities, these calls assure them they have a way to escape the wrath of mother nature.

“The reason for this is that for those that don’t have those resources, those that don’t have family that can help them out, then we try to prepare for that,” Rivera added.

For the callers, it’s a way to connect with their community and focus on what’s important.

“Things do happen. We don’t really think about tornadoes or hurricanes as often. So it’s nice to consider and really think about what we really should do not only for the safety for us but for others,” says Victoria Martinez, a sophomore at UTRGV.

And those lessons in safety and preparedness can go a long way when disaster strikes.

If you or someone you know will need assistance in an evacuation ahead of a natural disaster, dial 2-1-1 or visit 211texas.org.

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