Students from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley have been teaching Valley residents CPR for about two years now. 

Rogelio Mendoza, a second-year medical student at UTRGV, has worked as an emergency medical technician and has seen firsthand moments in which people could’ve helped someone’s life if the would’ve known how to perform CPR.

“The patient’s family didn’t know or an innocent bystander who was around,” Mendoza said.

Together with the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association and Health Corps, the students have taught people CPR at flea markets in Alamo and Brownsville.

Mendoza says the Valley’s main health concerns on heart disease makes it a prime place to get CPR training.

A small technique if done the right way – can save a life.

The CPR training classes are offered by the national Texas Two-Step CPR program. To find out when the next free CPR training will be, visit