UTRGV Students and Professors Walk Out of Class To Show Their Solidarity For All Dreamers

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It’s been two months since President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, but dreamers and immigrant advocates across the nation are calling for a new Dream Act without strings attached.

Students and professors from the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley walked out of their classrooms Thursday afternoon to show their solidarity with Dreamers across the nation.

“We’re here to stay and help you out. We want to change this system, and we want a clean dream act,” said UTRGV senior, Josue Puente.

The students and teachers joined other cities across the U.S. in this nationwide walkout.

“Students walked out today because they were demanding a clean Dream Act. Support from the state senators, from Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz to support the clean Dream Act,” said the Education Specialist for La Union Del Pueblo Entero, Abraham Diaz.

The idea of a clean Dream Act came after the current administration tried getting funds for the construction of a border wall, in exchange for the protection of all DACA recipients.

“Some people want it to reinstate the Dream Act. They also want it for their family members, parents, siblings… it’s basically a full immigration reform,” said UTRGV Associate Professor, Stephanie Alvarez. “Others don’t want anything attached to the bill, like building a border wall or more militarization of the border, which is what some people are trying to sneak in with it, and we don’t want that, especially here in the valley,” she added. 

In addition to gaining support for a clean Dream Act, UTRGV students are also pushing for a dream center on campus.

“A dream center would help 1,300 undocumented students on campus. We know that this is the highest number in any four year institution in the state of Texas, but unfortunately the university is not serving them like it should.”

The first step to begin the process of getting a dream center on campus, is to get the green light from the school’s president, which students plan on doing soon.

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